We pride ourselves in conducting important conservation work

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Repairing terracotta with authentic results

Terracotta and faience allows your building to draw the attention of everyone who walks past it. If you want to retain that appeal, you can come to us at Calvey Restoration Ltd.

Repairing terracotta is a skilled craft, which is why we combine a range of materials and techniques to achieve authentic results. Our team can survey and specify replacements units to match the original feature as so to not stand out from surrounding areas. Our approach doesn't derive from your building's natural beauty, which allows you to enjoy it for longer.

Reliable faience maintenance

Terracotta and faience has been around for thousands of years, allowing thousands of people to enjoy it throughout the ages. Faience maintenance requires specialist cleaning techniques that avoid further damage, which we can provide.

Keeping your property's charm

Whether you want to prevent faience / terracotta further deterioration or require materials for a new project, we're the team you can come to. Call us to learn about how we'll maintain your property.

Maintaining & repairing terracotta and faience

Get in touch to make the most of our terracotta and faience maintenance services 0151 280 1123

Line2 building in disrepair building fully restored